Monday, 18 Jun 2018
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Best books about poker

As a card game which has been around since 19th century, poker has evolved several times. It is only normal, after all, that players want to learn new ways to beat their opponents and to improve different aspects of their game such as strategic thinking, bluffing, learning how to read their opponents and so on… […]

Best books to learn how to win in casinos

Casinos all around the world are known for their flashy and bright buildings, expensive offers and tons of fun they guarantee if you spend time there. You will definitely not lack any fun, especially if you hit some poker tables, or you try your luck on the slot machines or at the blackjack table. Regardless […]

Best books to learn how to play football

In the neverending list of skills we have to acquire for school and everyday life, sports usually aren’t the one we are worried about. However, some of us are simply not as talented for sports and fail to learn even the most popular sports such as basketball or football! I remember that my best friend […]

Best books for betting guides

Sports betting might be one of the most thrilling and exciting things I have ever done, but I would have never had as much success if I hadn’t read some amazing books that helped me figure out what sports betting is all about.Of course, the concept of it all looks deceptively simple – you place […]

Best novels about sports

Sports represent such an important part of our lives – we grow up watching games of our favorite teams, we cheer for our school in competitions, we spend quality time with our family in the stands hoping our team will score… And of course, such memorable moments often get immortalized in fiction! It is no […]