Best books to learn how to win in casinos

Best books to learn how to win in casinos

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Casinos all around the world are known for their flashy and bright buildings, expensive offers and tons of fun they guarantee if you spend time there. You will definitely not lack any fun, especially if you hit some poker tables, or you try your luck on the slot machines or at the blackjack table. Regardless of the type of fun you opt for, you should come in prepared so you can walk away with some serious amounts of money! Otherwise, do not bother coming to a casino… In order to this, it might be good to check out some of the best books that reveal secrets on how to make some profit in the casinos!

If you are willing to put some money into craps games, you must read an exceptionally written book called Winning at Casino Gambling. The author Lyle Stuart wrote an amazing book that gives you an interesting philosophical approach to winning in casinos. It’s not only about how to play craps, it is also about how to think in each game, how to mentally prepare yourself for what ensues and how to achieve big success.

For a more general approach, you can pick Peter Svoboda’s Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game. It is an all-round book that helps beginners, most of all, to learn how casinos work, to save precious time before the actual start of your gambling adventure and other useful info. The book takes its time to carefully explain the basics of the game to the amateur who will be reading the book, so it might not be the best choice for the more advanced players. However, Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game covers pretty much all popular casino games such as: craps, roulette, blackjack etc. It teaches you how to avoid bets that are not good, how to calculate the appropriate amount of the wager.

One of the most popular books for the last 30 years is definitely Casino Gambling for the Winner, which was written by the author we already mentioned – Lyle Stuart! His second book is a huge book of advice and different tactics how to win with ease and confidence. It somewhat resembles a memoir of a successful gambler with considerable experience. It has a great re-read value, so you can go through it several times and still be able to learn new things!

The book I want to finish my review of the best books on how to win in casinos is from the “For Dummies” series. It’s called Casino Gambling for Dummies, and it was written by Kevin Blackwood. Just like all the other books, this one has tons of important advice and introspections into the world of casino gambling. It goes without saying that the prime objective of this book is for you to save money and minimize your losses! Even though the title suggests the book is for “dummies” or beginners, this book uncovers many of the secrets that are only known to more advanced players, thus giving you a great advantage over other beginner players. Definitely a good read if you want to earn some money in casinos!